Anna af Sand - Gdańsk 05.07.2011

Anna af Sand - Gdańsk 05.07.2011

Stock Press Photo | Anna af Sand

Anna af Sand was built in Hardanger in 1848, and initially named Haabet (‘The Hope’). Ten years later she came to the district of Ryfylke, and from the 1890s onwards was called Anna af Sand. Around this time, such boats were used for cargo, as working boats, for lodging fishermen during herring season, and for transporting salted herring to countries along the Baltic Sea. Anna af Sand belonged to the Eide family (they lived in the village of Sand) for over 70 years, and sailed the fjords of Ryfylke up to the 1960s. It was rebuilt several times and eventually outfitted with a motor. In 1973 Anna was restored and given to Stavanger Maritime Museum. This is one of the oldest sloops still sailing.
Technical Information - Length: 15.8 meters, Width: 5.5 meters, Depth: 2.2 meters, Motor: 135 HK Perkins diesel, Mast: 19 meters, Mainsail: 82.2 square meters, Topsail: 16 square meters, Foresail: 20 square meters, Jib: 22.8 square meters.


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