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Kunszt Wodny is located in the very center of Gdansk and fits into the urban structure of the shopping complex created at Targ Sienny i Rakowy.
The name of the facility refers to the former pumping station called Kunszt Wodny, which functioned here from the mid-sixteenth century to around the mid-nineteenth century. Inside, fragments of the original buildings from the 16th century, discovered during archaeological excavations, were unveiled. In addition, a special installation referring to the original function was designed.
This installation creates the so-called a glass river located at the roof level and a water cascade flowing down to a paddling pool located in the Radunia canal.
The usable area of the building is approx. 4,300 m², and its body protrudes above the Radunia Canal. In the eastern wing, closer to ul. Okopowa there is a room with a model of Gdansk, a multimedia and exhibition room and a tourist information point. In the western part there is an office space occupied by the City Culture Institute.
Studio Kwadrat won the development project of the complex.

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