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Three-masted schooner Eendracht

Three-masted schooner Eendracht

Zatoka Gdańska - parada żaglowców Tall Ships Races 2009.
The Eendracht is Holland's largest three-masted schooner. The ship measures nearly 60 meters in length, 13 meters in width and has a depth of 5 meters. The Eendracht belongs to the A-class ships, also known as Tall Ships; the largest sea sailing ships in the world.
The Eendracht is built to sail at sea with young and inexperienced people. Therefore safety comes first. There is no need to climb the masts. All sailing action can be done from the deck. By this anyone can come along and learn how to sail. The home port of the Eendracht is in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The Eendracht has over 350 well trained, mostly voluntary, professional crew members. Naturally they man the ship in smaller teams on its many travels.