Rauks at Fårö island

Stock Press Photo | Rauks at Fårö island

Fårö is a Baltic Sea island just north of the island of Gotland, itself off mainland Swedens southeastern coast. It is the second-largest island in the province and it is a popular summer resort. It has its own dialect (Faroymal, a dialect of Gutnish).
An annual event on Fårö is „Fårönatta” (Fårö Night), held in September, during which restaurants and bars stay open all night, craft stands are set up and the church holds a midnight Mass.
A rauk is a column-like landform in Sweden and Norway, often equivalent to a stack. Rauks often occur in groups called „raukfält” or „rauk fields”. The limestone rauks of Gotland in the Baltic Sea are among the best known examples.


All photos were taken: 2021-08-23

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